Parteneri Asociația de Genetica și Medicina Personalizata

About us


Founded in 2020, with the aim of promoting a new class of nutraceutical treatments and of offering a personalized medical approach based on specific and modern genetic tests aligned with the latest discoveries. Thus, our philosophy is to provide clinically validated solutions and treatments for specialist doctors and their patients for a select range of health problems. Geneceutica is a company with a regional presence specialized in placing on the market products from the ceutic range (nutraceutical and skinceutical) as well as offering complete services for providers of specific products from registration to import, distribution and medical marketing on all channels.

Being in an international strategic partnership that includes research centers from Europe and the United States in the field of genetics, manufacturers of nutraceutical components based on patented natural extraction technological processes, as well as experts from the natural products industry, Geneceutica provides safe and effective nutraceuticals, produced at the highest quality standards and supported by rigorous scientific evidence.

The Geneceutica team accumulates over 40 years of experience in the field of practical application of genetics in the personalized medical approach as a service provider or consultant.

Our goal is to implement such an approach by increasing the access of health specialists so that they can identify the genetic cause much faster and propose solutions to bring the body back into functional balance.

Thus, we contribute through medical products of nutraceutical type to the diagnosis and improvement of diseases without etiological treatment, to the increase of the well-being and quality of life of patients, to the success of the medical act.


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